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    SubjectRE: Samba can't keep NT shares mounted
    On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Steve Rhodes wrote:

    > If it makes you feel any better, I have experienced the same problem. It
    > will also trip you up if you have a large number of files to transfer
    > between machines. Basically, you will lose files randomly, which can be

    Yes, this all sounds familiar (although I can't remember the details).

    > pretty tough to track down. I didn't have time to check it out, so we
    > installed Hummingbird NFS (yuk) on the NT box and used good old nfs mount
    > as a work around.
    > This is a pretty serious problem, as you say, and I found it hard to
    > believe that no one has fixed it. Part of the issue might be the official
    > Samba team refuses to support smbmount. This is a real shame, as it could
    > be a big advantage for Samba if it worked reliably.

    They don't refuse to maintain it ...

    Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 12:50:05 +1000
    From: Andrew Tridgell <>
    To: Multiple recipients of list <>
    Subject: Re: newbie: where and how to use smbmount with 2.04b ?

    > Somewhere in the documentation (don't remember exactly where) it
    > states that smbmount is not really supported by the samba team so it's
    > not enabled by default;

    It hasn't been supported by the Samba Team recently as no one on the
    team uses it. The fact that it is Linux specific also doesn't help.

    I have, however, just voluntered to start maintaining smbfs (and thus
    smbmount) so you can now consider it supported again. I've done quite

    See? He is also listed in MAINTAINERS.

    I guess he is a busy man, and I'm sure he'd appreciate all of our help
    solving this and other smbmount/smbfs problems. Yes, I know, time ...


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