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SubjectRe: Linux 2.3.18ac6


You wrote:

> 2.3.18ac6
> o Clean up a pile of resource handling
> and other bugs in Don's new drivers (me)
> | Hopefully the 8 card bug is gone.
> | 3c59x is back to I/O only

Well, this is not quite there.

ac5 locked solid on boot. With the compiler-flag from Donald, my two RTL8139
NICs worked.
Now, with ac6, the rtl8139 module doesn't detect either of my two NIC's,
while "lspci" finds them without any trouble. Maybe the "Let's have 8
cards"-bug is replaced by a "You cannot have more than one"-bug.

On an other note, the drivers/block/paride/paride.c file needs an extra
include ( <linux/wait.h> ) to compile and work. (the good news is, that
2.3.18ac6 finds my LS120-drive, while 2.3.17 didn't).

Third question:
Would you consider a round of "tinderbox-like" testing for the kernel
useful now that a freeze is announced?
(I did this around 2.1.130; I can dust off my old scripts for this)

Arjan van de Ven

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