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SubjectRe: 1000ms delay in networking stack or driver, new bug?
> > I periodically notice that all or most network traffic is taking exactly 1000
> > ms. No matter where I check traffic, most roundtrips seem to take 1000ms.
> > This includes pings, traceroutes, and apparently TCP traffic since connections
> > are running very slowly. Downing/upping the interface cures the problem.

Me too. Actually, several other users in the local cable modem newsgroup
reported this after upgrading to redhat 6.0.

Constants across all the users would probably be that masquerading was
in use, and that the interface in question was DHCP'ed. I was running
2.2.5-15 with the PPTP masquerade patch, and had the problems with both
a tulip and an ne2k-pci.

The problem went away for me recently; the two possible causes I can think
of are either (a) I swapped out a cyrix 6x86 and put in a K6-2, or (b)
I stopped using masquerading from my other machine (although it's still
configured and set up). Given the range of systems this has been reported,
I'd probably rule out (a).

Peter Desnoyers

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