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SubjectRe: _isofs_bmap: block >= EOF (4, 82) in 2.3.18ac4
Thomas Molina <> writes:

> [1.] One line summary of the problem:
> _isofs_bmap: block >= EOF (4, 82) reported while copying from cdrom to
> ide hard drive.
> [2.] Full description of the problem/report:
> I mounted a RedHat cd using /dev/scd1 on /mnt/cdrw. I then mounted
> /dev/hdb7 (ext2 fs) on /mnt/rw1. I then issued the command:
> cp -a /mnt/cdrw/* /mnt/rw1. While doing the copy a seemingly endless
> string of the above type of messages appeared on the console. The copy
> completed, and /dev/hdb7 was unmounted and an fsck was performed which
> found no problems. There were no problems with files on /dev/hdb7.

I get the same thing. I've looked at it and concluded that this
is due to linux's performing readahead, but trying to readahead
beyond the end of the file. I sent mail to the list asking if
that was supposed to be happening, and that the warning should
just be deleted, but haven't gotten any reply, yet.

It's probably safe for you to ignore the warnings for now, but it
would be nice if someone who understood the read-ahead code would
clarify if the warning is spurious, or if the read-ahead should
be stopping at the end of the file.


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