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SubjectRe: _Very_ strange network delay over dialup-ISDN in 2.2.11.

i'm experiencing strange network delays too. it happens on out server
placed in ISP's building connected to Net using 10Mbit Ethernet. this
server uses kernel 2.0.37 + IPchains patch.

symptoms (experienced through ssh sessions, web access and occasionaly
from ping stats) are as follows: with (for now) unknown period and/or
cause there are about 30-60 seconds windows when no packets comes from
server (duno whether server is receiving). it also looks like packets
packets are getting lost through this blind-window period (not even late
ping replies, "a lot" of HTTP operation timeout entries in apache log).

for now i'm going to setup some measure method so i can learn more.
anybody experienced something similar too?

peter hanecak

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