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Subjectide driver - question

i need some help.

i have to write an ide driver for an interface card we made.
using kernel version 2.2.x i found two files which seems to bee the right
ones for me. ide.c and ide-disk.c

i copied ide-disk and changed it so that it is able to talk to our
interface, compiled it and installed it using insmod. using cat
/proc/ide/drivers i can see that my subdriver is registered, at least that's
what i think. but how can i talk to the disk connected to my interface now??
I expected there would eb some /dev/ide nodes but there none. how can i
create a node for my device without having a major number. i think all work
will be done by ide.c but for that there should be some nodes, but on my
system there are only the hd nodes no ide nodes.

so please, please can anybody tell me how to correctly register an subdriver
for my interface and what other steps i have to do to read/write the disk
connected to my interface.

by the way, i don't map the io port of my interface. the driver im writing
reads/writes the interface register directly.

p.s. i looked through linux/documentation, but it didn't help me much.

i'll be very happy about an answer


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