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SubjectRE: Disk Corruption with ide hpt-366 controller & software raid5
> Are you sure?

Considering the cc: on this list, I am loathe to say I am completely sure.
But yes, basically, I am completely sure. Every time I do a dd | md5sum it
returns a different value, where when the raid only uses the pdc the value
is always the same.

* This behavior definitely happens in uni-processor mode
* It turns out you don't even need RAID to cause this problem, you just need
very heavy IO load.
* This behavior never causes a crash, only corrupted reads (unsure about
* I cannot duplicate this behavior at all with the PIIX4 or any of the
PDC20246's connected to the same machine

Besides the issue with the HPT, this system runs in production (albeit, in
uni-processor mode as SMP causes hangs) and causes 0 problems. My data on
the raid is checksummed when created and verified every evening, so I know
if I get even a 1 bit error... and for 3+ months this system has ran as an
active server without any sort of corruption or issue (though the server is
limited by it's pipe, so it never really gets IO stressed... max is

There were a couple of other emails in this thread where I give some more
information, if you missed those I'd be happy to re-send.

Thanks for your help!


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