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SubjectRe: 2.2.12 still "attempt to access beyond end of device"

On Mon, 6 Sep 1999 15:29:04 +0300, Ion Badulescu <> said:

> I've got quite a number of these on a box that is not using knfsd --
> it's compiled as a module and is not loaded, instead unfsd is
> used. They appeared right after the system came up,

Was this after an unclean reboot? It looks increasingly as if a lot of
current PC systems have a problem with trashing random disk blocks if
the system powerfails mid-write. That would explain bad block accesses
on the root device, but other devices should have been fscked cleanly
before they'd get this sort of error.

Can you isolate the problem to a specific kernel version, or does this
seem to be a generic problem?


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