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SubjectWhere is the "Uniform Ide Drriver" patch for 2.2.x ????
Sorry for my bad English but I'm an Italian 17 years old boy !!!

I look for the patch "Uniform Ide Driver" for kernel 2.2.x but
the web page of the maintaner
is unrechable.
Where can I find it ???

I hav the 6.19 version for kernel 2.2.5 of this patch.
I patched the kernel 2.2.10 whith this but there was some errors
but I hav also compiled.
Now I hav problem whitch scasi emulation whith cdrecord.
If it isn't a known bug I post most info.

Daniele Nicolodi

Agai sorry for my very very bad English :-(

I giorni indimenticabili della vita di un uomo sono cinque o sei
in tutto. Gli altri fanno volume.
E. Flaiano
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