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SubjectRe: Lockups - lost interrupt
On Sun, 12 Sep 1999 wrote:

>FYI, i'm working on a patch for 2.3 that adds the NMI oopser (optionally,
>because 1) it doesnt work on all SMP boxes, and 2) it forces the timer irq
>to the BP) to the 2.3 kernel. Looks like one of the most common uses of
>IKD is lockup detection - the rest is mostly used by kernel hackers. I'll

Yes. Also the print-eip patch may be useful to sort out lockups.

>post it together with some other x86 APIC fixes and irq cleanups soon.

If you agree I can merge it into the ikd patch when your new one will be
ready. Also I think it's the time to port the IKD patch to 2.3.18ac1... ;)

I have a question about debuggers. Is kdb GPL'd? If so and if Scott will
agree I can merge it into the IKD patch while porting the current ikd
patch to 2.3.x. If I'll merge kdb I can remove the old debugger that
doesn't work for people (SIGTRAP probelem and I had not the time to go
into that myself).


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