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SubjectRe: version mismatch in modules
On Sun, 12 Sep 1999 07:57:46 +0200, you wrote:

>Just a question in between (while I am making my own first steps with
>What about the symlinks in /boot to vmlinuz-2.2.5-15 and
>Did you remove them? If not, I think they won't be overwritten by "make
>bzlilo". And I had to edit /usr/src/linux/Makefile to make installpath
>/boot work (I got the sources from
>Have also a closer look to /etc/lilo.conf - kernel which will be loaded
>is vmlinuz-2.2.5-15 and not vmlinuz (which is normally done).

Normally, I don't use "make bzlilo" This is, in general, my
kernel upgrade process:

- retrieve and unpack new kernel sources
- rename linux to linux-x.y.z and create sybolic link
- copy old .config to new linux source directory
- make oldconfig and maybe make [menu|x]config if I want to make
any other changes
- make dep; make clean n.b. make clean in this instance isn't
really needed - but it can't hurt.
- make bzImage
- make modules
If I am re-compiling a kernel version (e.g. applied a patch or

got new hardware, at this point I
mv /lib/modules/x.y.z /lib/modules/x.y.z.old
- make modules_install
- cd /boot
- rm vmlinuz vmlinuz.old
These are links, in my case - so be careful before you do
this, and make sure - otherwise rename these files, or be
be sure that you really want to delete them.
- cp /usr/src/arch/i386/boot/bzImage vmlinuz-x.y.z
- ln -s vmlinuz-x.y.z vmlinuz ; ln -s vmlinuz.old vmlinuz-a.b.c
vmlinuz-a.b.c is my current kernel
- cp /usr/src/linux/;
- ln -s
- lilo
My /etc/lilo.conf file has two entries, one for vmlinuz with the
label 'linux', which is my default boot kernel, and one for
vmlinuz.old with the label 'old' that boots the current kernel.
That way I can get back to my current setup if I need to. So far
I've only needed it a couple of times when I did something really
stupid in my config (like selecting support for ELF and a.out as
loadable modules).
- reboot.

It can't hurt, before rebooting to make a bootable floppy - the
simplest case is just dd if=/boot/vmlinuz of=/dev/fd0 - see the HOWTO
for more advanced boot floppys.

I tend to stay away from make install or make bzlilo. This is because
I don't have complete confidence that its going to do what I want it


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