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Subjectversion mismatch in modules
Hi, this is the first time we try to compile a kernel.
We are running a Red Hat 6.0 - 2.2.5-15 and we'll like to upg. to 2.2.12
PII 350 - 64Mb
3com 59x
intel 740 video card (with it's Xfree86 installed)

This is what we did :
- We got the sources
- unpacked in usr/src/linux
- make mrproper
- make oldconfig
- make dep
- make zlilo ("error 2, system is too big, try make bzimage")
- make bzlilo (it works)
- make modules
- make modules_install


it starts the old kernel, so we checked the lilo.conf and found it was
uncorrectly referring to the old kernel, we fix this and boot again
The boot sequence works fine untill it meets "checking module dependecies",
then the system seem to wait forever.
we break with a ctrl_c and step forward.
The eth0 doesn't work (we have an addictional module for 3c59x)

we investigate about modules :
- depmod -a (a lot of unresolved symbol)
- modprobe 3c59x (kernel-module version mismatch ...)

Qestions :
- is the stale during checking module dependecies connected to 3c59x module
version mismatch?
- does the "make modules" recompile the modules including 3c59x (not sure we
have all the sources, where can we get them?)?
- how can we come out from this? (we can still boot our system with 2.2.5-15
and works fine)


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