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    SubjectRe: Shortening the Development Cycle... [maybe OffTopic, flame-bait?]

    > This sounds reasonable for most features, except that some of
    > the
    > newer features would not get exercised. However, since
    > newbies and
    > commercial users usually use the "stable" series, this would
    > be a safe approach.

    I use the stable kernel too, and I am not a newbie, but that's
    beside the point.

    > it or not we are in competition with Microsoft and hence a
    > target for them -- including FUD, millions of $ of it.

    well we are in competition with other OSes too, but that aside
    > Maybe goals like:
    > 1. all features in by 2.2.20

    um 2.3.20 or 2.2.20 ?

    > 2. bug fixes until about 2.2.25 or 30 then declare a "beta
    > kernel"
    > and ask for extensive testing

    again 2.3.25, or 2.2.25?

    > Also, how about a kernel-kit for beta testers, including:
    > - file system check software (like someone on the list asked
    > for)

    it would be better to modify e2fsck to be able to run fsck on a
    mounted filesytem. makeing it more like umssync under a umsdos

    > - memory test software

    make -j bzImage

    will test your memory, trust me I found this out and was able to
    fix my problem by slowing down the reads in the bios. believe it
    or not gcc is one of the better memeory testors.

    > - network test software

    netstat is not enough?

    > [yes I know, many of these exist, but why not put them in a
    > package?]

    some distros have them and more...

    > 2.2 has been out for what, nearly 9 months and some of us
    > (myself
    > included) are having stability problems with it....

    I have to agree.


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