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SubjectRe: Integration of pcnet_cs into drivers/pcmcia

> > So my wish for 2.4 came true: pcmcia is integrated in kernel. Here is
> > my help: integrating pcnet_cs (and fixing minor bugs I noticed at the
> > point). It works for me and I think it is the right thing.
> ...
> > #ifdef CONFIG_PCMCIA
> > pcmcia_init(); /* Do this last */
> > + init_pcnet_cs();
> > +#endif
> > #endif
> Can't the new module init code be used to avoid having to hack up
> main.c for every driver?

pcmcia is initialized _after_ initcall()'s are done, so I suspect it
would not work. There's probably good reason: pcmcia_init() needs to
know what areas are allocated.

> I'd prefer to wait a bit and do all the PCMCIA client drivers in one
> go, after thinking it through, rather than piecemeal.

Integrating it was rather easy... I do not think much thinking is
required. And - bulkmem is already there, is it? ;-). I can not see
anything wrong with one_driver_at_a_time approach.

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