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SubjectRe: /proc/cpuinfo verbiage differ unnecessarily between ports...
In article <>,
Steve Dodd <> wrote:
>On Tue, Aug 31, 1999 at 05:17:23PM -0700, david parsons wrote:
>> Why not? I'd say that the contents of /proc/cpuinfo would be very
>> interesting to tools, because it's what the operating system thinks
>> it's running on.
>Would it not be more sensible to introduce a syscall or some such thing to
>do it?

No. If this information is presented in a syscall, you end up
restricting access to that set of programs that know about the
syscall. If it's presented in text, just about anything, up to and
including that shell that you managed to get started before
that fork bomb ate the system, can display the contents of the

david parsons \bi/ Syscalls? Eeeeuuuuuwwww!

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