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    Subject2.3.10/2.3.13-pre7 NFS/RPC patch (repost)
    >>>>> " " == Frank van Maarseveen <> writes:

    > [1 <text/plain; us-ascii (7bit)>] The RPC layer used by the NFS
    > client restricts the number of groups to 16. This seems to be a
    > hard protocol limit. The patch below gets around this
    > limitation by implementing a group id cache in the RPC layer.

    This is a hard limit that is part of the Sun RPC's 'UNIX
    authentication' scheme. The X/Open group specifies the RPC definition

    struct auth_unix {
    unsigned int stamp;
    string machinename<255>;
    unsigned int uid;
    unsigned int gid;
    unsigned int gids<16>;

    Please note that other authentication schemes (DES, Kerberos etc.)
    define completely different structures.


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