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    SubjectRe: what is net-pf-17?
    On Fri, 06 Aug 1999 01:10:59 -0400,
    "Marty Leisner" <> writes:

    > I have a 2.0.36 kernel (which works with 2.3.*) which is using dhcp...
    > I'm getting a message
    > modprobe can't find net-pf-17
    > and dhcp fails...
    > What is net-pf-17?

    It's the packet protocol family (AF_PACKET/PF_PACKET). Check out all
    the address/protocol family defintions in <socket.h>.

    > Is there a table of what net-pf-xx means? (I know appletalk and ipx are 4 and
    > 5).
    > Can more meaningful messages be displayed (this is fundamentally a redhat 5.2
    > system).

    This is what modprobe is given by the kernel to locate the driver for
    this protocol. Add this to your /etc/conf.modules:

    alias net-pf-17 af_packet

    And make sure you've configured CONFIG_PACKET as a module:


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