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SubjectRe: ide-scsi emulation question
On 08/04/1999 15:25 -0400, Jeremy Katz wrote:
>> AFAIK, you can't get just the ZIP drive working with IDE-SCSI. I know
>> that with CDROM drives, if you compile in IDE CD support, it gets used
>> instead of the IDE-SCSI. So, you leave out IDE CD support, include
>> IDE-SCSI, and include SCSI CD. In this case, you'd have to leave out IDE
>> disk support, which means that your hard drive would be using IDE SCSI
>> (which I don't think will work as hard drives aren't ATAPI). Just include
>> the IDE Floppy support to get your IDE zip working :)

Maybe others have had better luck with the IDE Zip as IDE
Floppy configuration; I've had no luck at all with it -
including several kernel hangs in the ext2fs code (but
not related to ext2fs - related to the IDE Floppy API
and it's mismatch with the Zip drive functionality). I've
also seen several FAQs stating that using ide-scsi is the
best way to get an IDE Zip working reliably.

Meanwhile, it does work fine with the IDE code running
my hard drive(s) and CD-ROM, and the ide-scsi running the
Zip. The only nuisance is the need to manually do an
'insmod scsi_mod; insmod ide-scsi' in the startup files.
I had to exclude the IDE Floppy code from the kernel/modules.


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