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SubjectRe: on command line namespace
On Wed, 4 Aug 1999 wrote:

> > is it ok to use a command line syntax like
> > driver.feature=value
> > e.g. es1371.gameport=0x201 (or must it be 513 ?) ?
> > Are there any plans to make information passed that way known to other drivers ?
> > In the example given above I´d like to pass this information to the joystick
> > driver.
> I did exactly this sort of thing with the PARIDE drivers (pd, pcd, pf, pg, pt)
> a couple of years ago. I don't know if it has survived Linus' reorganisation
> of the setup calls, but have a look at a 2.2 kernel to see how it was done.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Grant R. Guenther
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
I will look at 2.2 to see how it can be done. This leaves us with the
question whether it should be done, or in other words, what does our gfl
(great fearless leader) want us to do.
Can I assume there is approval for the dotted notation ? If so what should
the module parameter be ? Only feature= (inconsistent) or driver.feature=
(clumsy) ?
IMHO there should be a callback to the pci layer which should allow me to
declare that I have enabled a resource.

Oliver Neukum

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