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Subject/proc/cpuinfo verbiage differ unnecessarily between ports...
Ronald Cole writes:
>Michael K. Johnson writes:
>>The problem you report will be fixed in the procps-2.0.3 release, which
>>I expect to make as soon as I catch up reading my procps-bugs email. :-)
>It's bug #4554 and contains my stab at a patch. Calculating the
>number of processors, as I did, may be Intel specific, though. I
>think I saw a post on the kernel list that had the string "cpu" where
>"processor" should be in /proc/cpuinfo. If that's the case, you'll
>have to find a portable way to count the number of cpus.

Yes, indeed! I just found a spare moment and checked get_cpuinfo() in
arch/i386/kernel/setup.c and arch/sparc64/kernel/setup.c and my memory
didn't fail me, unfortunately.

I can't think of any good argument for keeping "processor" for the
i386 and "cpu" for the sparc64. Someone should probably fix all the
different ports so that the verbiage is consistent...

But, there's probably a better, more portable, way to calculate the
number of processors for ps.

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