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SubjectNFS under 2.2.12
I'm attempting to use the "stable" kernel-2.2.12 with knfsd-4.7.1 and
knfsd-lock-4.7.1mdk and its a mess. Most of the problems seem
assosciated with nfs. So far I've seen the following:

1. The lockd process won't start - when I run rpc.lockd I get the
message "lockdsvc: invalid argument"
2. Directories mounted with the automounter will just "go away",
usually in such a way that tasks referencing
them hang.
3. In some cases systems hung altogether, no cursor movement, no
rlogin, no nfs - the only sign of life is
that it responds to a ping. In one case the system came back after
20 minutes with no known action on
my part.
4. Under RedHat 5.2, I could refer to filesystems mounted under root
directly (/net/system/home). Under the
new stuff this doesn't work. If this is a design feature, its one
that causes real pain.

I would be glad to provide any debugging information, if you tell me
what you need. NFS is a crucial part of my
environment and is now making my Linux systems less stable than my
NT stuff!

Bob Nelson

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