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SubjectRe: IPIP Tunneling
Just some guestimate here:


remote ADDRESS

-- set remote endpoint of the tunnel.

On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, George Bonser wrote:

> ip tunnel add tun0 mode ipip remote local

Have your tried using

ip tunnel add tun0 mode ipip remote local

> When I attempt to ping from sys B, I can see the packets
> arrive on the interface ... tcpdump says that an icmp echo
> request has arrived and it sees it as ipip. It never tries to send a
> reply. Exactly the same happens at the other end. I can see the pings
> arrive but it never seems to even try to reply. It is as if the ipip
> packets arrive but are not being decapsulated (my speculation only).

I guess they are not destined for that system and thus ignored.

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