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    SubjectRe: Setting MTRRs for K6
    > > However, if XFree86 isn't automatically setting up the MTRR optimally, submit 
    > > a bug report to the X development team.
    > Optimally, hell, it doesn't setup the MTRR at all?!? Ok, I'll see if I can
    > dig up the address to send this to; can't believe I'm the first to run into
    > this...(I wonder if MTRR support is optional, and Debian doesn't include it).

    Standard XFree doesnt set the MTRR's. Im not sure what the poster was smoking.
    I believe 3.9.x does indeed do this. I dont know about the new 3.3.4/5 release.

    The BIOS also sets it on some boards

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