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    SubjectRe: Cache incoherencies [example code]
    I have implemeted vmalloc_uncached, using Russel example, and defining


    However, this doesn't work. I have done several tests, and it appears
    that when I use memory from vmalloc in general instead of kmalloc, the
    datas are not correctly read by the chip, so I beleive this is because
    virt_to_bus doesn't work with vmalloc addresses, am I wrong ?

    So how can I get uncachable memory _and_ get the physical address ? I
    don't care about pages not beeing contiguous since I page is really
    plenty enough for what I need. I beleive I'll have to somewhat walk the
    page tables... I don't really like this and I would need some quick
    explanation about how to acheive this.

    Any clues ?

    Thanks in advance,


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