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SubjectRE: vfat issues
> > First annoying thing that happens to me quite often ( can't swear
> > it is 100% all the time ) is creation of directiories under linux
> > and working with them under windows. When I create directory
> > 'test' for example ( in lowercase ), I see it as 'TEST' in uppercase
> > in windoze... Linux 'TEST' was 'test' in windows again... simply..
> > mismatched case... However, 'Test' produces what is expected.
> Blame this one on Windows. One of the options that can be set in the
> Windows shell is to turn any all-lowercase name into
> all-uppercase on the
> display (I believe this option is on by default). I'm in
> Linux right now,
> so I can't tell you exactly what the option is, but I hope
> this sets you
> on the right path...

No, it is not a windows fault. It also annoys me.
If I create 'test' in Linux I see 'TEST' in windows,
but if I create 'test' in windows, I also see 'test' in Linux.

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