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SubjectRe: Cache incoherencies [example code]
Ralf Baechle writes:
> This code looks suspiciously like the code which Miguel came up to solve
> some virtual aliasing problem in the IRIX binary compatibility stuff.

Are you actually interested in solving this problem, or is your only
purpose in life to piss people off?

I have no idea what the IRIX binary compatibility stuff is, where it is,
what it does, or how it does it. The fact that you think it is the same
is mere coincidence.

As far as I am currently concerned, this discussion about cache incoherency
seems a complete failure, since we are getting nowhere, and bickering like
that is not going to help.

So far, only one solution with code has been put forward. Others have been
talked about, but talking is no good if you don't intend to code it. If
you're going to contribute towards this, then show some code. Words with
no code is no use to anyone here.
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