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    SubjectRe: rsh problem (update)
    On 27 Aug, david parsons wrote:
    | In article <>,
    | Michael H. Warfield <> wrote:
    | >Kamran Karimi enscribed thusly:
    | >> ceases to work after 10 or 12 invocations. The error message is still
    | >> "poll: protocol failure in circuit setup"
    | >
    | > Try it again with ssh. Rsh is a pimple on the ass of the internet
    | >and should be stamped out and obliterated.
    | Well, that's certainly one way to improve the reliability of a system,
    | but if you say that everything that finds a bug in the kernel should
    | be obliterated, you'll soon end up with a system that's trivially
    | reliable, but not very useful in the real world.

    rsh has much bigger problems than security. Such as TCP/IP protocol
    (almost-?)violations, as I understand it, due to the attempt to hack an
    "out of band" semantic where it doesn't exist.

    | david parsons \bi/ Not likely to tell the users to use ssh for local
    | \/ connections.

    You've obviously not had to deal with a university network. :-/

    brandon s. allbery os/2,linux,solaris,perl
    system administrator kthkrb,heimdal,gnome,rt
    carnegie mellon / electrical and computer engineering kf8nh
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