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SubjectRe: Cache incoherencies [example code]
On Thu, Aug 26, 1999 at 10:55:42AM -0400, wrote:

> Here is an example of the modifications required to vmalloc to enable
> uncached spaces to be allocated. In fact, it allows any pgprot to be
> specified for the vmalloc'd area. I think that the names of the new
> functions follow Linus' naming scheme - __vmalloc() is more generic
> and does `less' than vmalloc().
> Note that this is just an example; it seems to compile (on 2.2.5),
> but I have not tested it at all.

This code looks suspiciously like the code which Miguel came up to solve
some virtual aliasing problem in the IRIX binary compatibility stuff. Not
only that I believe this was the wrong solution for the particular problem
in question at that time; it's also not a suitable solution for most DMA


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