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SubjectRe: need docs: using parport & console system
On Wed, 25 Aug 1999, Florian Kusche wrote:

> parport:
> parport.h is quite well documented. However, I missed some information about
> the flags that can be passed to parport_register_device(). What does

Nothing -- it's for parport internals only, and it's not actually even
used any more. The only flag for parport_register_device at the moment is

> Also, when should I call parport_claim()?

Normally, you put parport_claim at the beginning of a data transfer that
cannot be interrupted, and parport_release at the end.

> At the moment, I'm using exclusive mode. Do I then have to use
> parport_claim() at all? (It works without) If yes, when should I call it?

You ought to, yes. It will set up the port's 'current device driver',
which some of the functions in port->ops rely on.

You should probably call parport_claim just after parport_register_device


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