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SubjectRe: Kernel Panic, root fs..
On Sat, 21 Aug 1999, Tim Ricketts wrote:

>> > and /lib/modules. I then edit lilo.conf and tell it about the
>> > new kernel. I don't run rdev, or any other such thing. The
>> > kernels ALWAYS boot properly, and if I move them to a totally
>> > different machine, they still work correctly.
>> >
>> How do you get away with that? The last time I tried that, the other
>> machine had the kernel panic, couldn't open initial console, I
>> ran rdev on it to set the root device, and have been doing it that way
>> since.
>By default the kernel has the root device wherever it was when you
>compiled it. This can be changed with rdev or overridden by putting
>root=/dev/whatever on your kernel command line which lilo does if you
>specify root=/dev/whatever in lilo.conf.

Allright, then that is how it is doing it then. ALL of my
machines lilo.conf files have always had a "root=" line in them,
as it defaulted to that, and the HOWTO's I read at the time said
it was necessary. Makes sense now with your above explanation.

Thanks, TTYL

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