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SubjectRe: VIA chipset hangs???
On Sun Aug 22 1999, Dubbs wrote:

> > Btw: peer-concurency is turned on on every machine.

> How do I turn PCI Peer Concurrency on/off? I can't find anything in the
> kernel or my BIOS that seems to be related.

You can't turn it on/off, but you can check out if it's on or not,
I think there must be some tools to find this out.
I know that peer-concurrency is turned on on my boards because
the guys from whom I got them checked the system before
giving it to me, and they used such a program.
The results were printed out and it shows that peer-concurrency
is turned on by default.

I don't know the name of the tool (it was something Micro$oft-DOS related,
they started the computer from a disk, it showed "MS-DOS" while
booting), but I will call and ask if you are interested.

> I have tried "everything" else suggested. Still hangs.

Have you tried to disable the "CPU to PCI write buffer" option in
the BIOS ? On many systems this has been the point of failure.

Greetings, Heinz.

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