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    SubjectRe: Trying to free free IRQ
    I disagree Sam.  If that is what it is meant to do, then something is
    broken. My modem is on IRQ3 (ppp tests as well). There is NO other
    device on that irq unless the new PnP routines have assigned some other
    device that irq on boot, but from boot messages and /proc/interrupts, it
    hasn't. Also, now in 2.3.14 (first 2.3 I have tried), my serial ports
    do NOT show up in /proc/interrupts!


    EPOX MPV3-C Motherboard with 128 meg of SDRAM, Permedia 2 video, NetGear
    FA310TX card, Symbios scsi card (Diamond Dual FirePort 40), USRobotics
    56k modem (non PnP mode), and I believe that is it.

    Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 21:00:02 EDT
    Subject: Re: Trying to free free IRQ

    Its trying to free an IRQ thats in conflict with another. If IRQ3 only
    up on PPP then it must be your modem. Have you added any new devices


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