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SubjectRe: Kernels > 1M
"H. Peter Anvin" wrote:
> Zack Weinberg wrote:
> >
> > I think you're mistaken about the size of the project. Move the 16
> > bit setup code to setup_arch and convert for execution in protected
> > mode. I don't say this is easy, but it won't take that long for
> > someone who understands the platform inside out. The code to set up a
> > v86 box and call the bios is already in apm.c. Now throw away that
> > stupid parameter block and put everything on the kernel command line.
> > Again, not necessarily easy, but short.
> >
> The 16-bit setup code *has* to run in real mode... that's the only
> reason it's 16 bit. As far as the APM BIOS, I'm sure you're aware of
> the number of problems caused by APM BIOSes that don't like to be called
> the way Linux calls them?

I'll defer to you since you know more about x86 than me, but I don't
see why it's necessary to do any of the setup.S sequence in real
mode. Especially since the BSDs seem to manage it in protected mode

With the possible exception of the video probe, I think we ought to be
able to query the hardware directly for the information we currently
get from the BIOS - and I think it would *reduce* the number of
problems if for example we never paid any attention to what it has to
say about hard drives.


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