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SubjectRe: New kernel/resource.c
>>>>> "Russell" == Russell King <> writes:

Russell> Jes Sorensen writes:
>> The only thing that sucks about this is when you have adapters with
>> the exact same chips on them on both PCI and SBUS and you would
>> like to write a generic driver which determines at runtime what
>> type of bus it is on. Having to recompile the same code with new
>> macros one for sbus and one for pci is evil as well.
>> Not sure what the pretty solution is though.

Russell> Exactly the same thing happens on some ARM machines, where we
Russell> have two different address spaces. One of them is a PC view
Russell> of the IO devices, which is 0x0000 to 0xffff. The other is
Russell> for expansion cards and other internal devices, which have
Russell> bit 31 set.

The problem I am thinking of is more the problem of addressing SBUS
and PCI shared memory using the same macros.


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