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    SubjectRe: ncurses foiled again
    On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Alex wrote:

    >ok here is the problem. we have a couple servers where we cannot use
    >make menuconfig.
    >the error is about not finding ncurses.h.
    >i have tried to copy the entire lxdialog directory from another machine,
    >different kernal so no go, but i did get an error message with these
    >email addresses.
    >so, basically there is no ncurses.h installed on theses servers. i
    >checked /usr/include/ and nothing there.
    >so where did we go wrong on the install, did we exclude something
    >important and how do i get some of them ncurses?
    >any help would be appreciated.

    You need to have ncurses and ncurses-devel installed if you want
    to use menuconfig.

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