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    SubjectRe: Strange syslogd behavior under 2.2.10 and 2.2.11
    Hi Gregory.

    >>> Experiencing a strange thing with syslogd under 2.2.10 and
    >>> 2.2.11 (at least this is the first I have noticed it). At
    >>> apparently random times, the disk starts grinding and syslogd
    >>> sucks up 100% of all cpu cycles. After about a minute
    >>> everything settles down again and the cpu usage drops down to
    >>> normal for syslogd. But, after a short time (maybe an hour),
    >>> this same thing happens again. Any ideas?

    >> That 'about an hour' sounds too much like cron to me, so I'd
    >> suggest you look through the various cron jobs configured on
    >> your system. Start with the contents of /etc/cron.hourly/ as
    >> the obvious starting point...

    > I thought this as well, but have nothing run hourly in my
    > crontab (or anyone elses).

    In that case, I'd check your log to see what messages are getting
    added to syslog when it happens, and see if there's any clues there.

    > Besides, I don't see how a crontab entry would cause syslogd to
    > suddenly start sucking 100% of the cpu?

    All it needs is for cron to run a job that does something that makes
    heavy use of the CPU - remember, it's not the program that starts the
    rogue that causes the problems, but the rogue itself, and the rogue
    doesn't care how it gets run.

    Best wishes from Riley.

    | There is something frustrating about the quality and speed of Linux |
    | development, ie., the quality is too high and the speed is too high, |
    | in other words, I can implement this XXXX feature, but I bet someone |
    | else has already done so and is just about to release their patch. |

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