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Subjectalternatives to ioctl
I am thinking about using ioctls to "reset" a char device but I have been
reading that ioctls are only in linux. I'd like to make the interface to
my driver as portable as possiable so this seems like a bad idea. What
other userland interfaces exist. It seems as though I can read and write
froma char device and thats about all that is standard. this would mean
I would have to do some sort of a parse for a special character. Also,
ioctls seem to have assigned numbers. If it is a new device type can I
just use my own?

Where is there a good primer on ioctl. Both in its use in programs and in

from what I gather when my deivce gets an ioctl call my ioctl function
will be called and i will get an argument that the program in user space
specified. Is this correct?
Keith Baker

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