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    SubjectRe: [offtopic] funny BSD people
    Sprach Alan Cox <>:
    > > Net-2 was based on BSD's stack. They wanted our math emulator,
    > > we wanted their stack. We traded. But we've since gone to Net-3.
    > The stack is original, so stop doing down the work of Ross Biro and Don
    > Becker. It was done _from scratch_. At the time it looked like *BSD was going
    > to be killed by the AT&T lawsuit and we already knew the licenses were
    > incompatible.
    > Matthais Urlich (whose name I always spell wrong so I will apologise in
    > advance) ported the BSD Net/2 stack to Linux as a side thing but it was
    > never part of Linux proper

    That must be it then. I know that one of our stacks was taken from BSD,
    (and I know it made it into the main line for at least a little while),
    but as I said in my original email (which portion you deleted), I'm
    unsure which of our IP stacks was taken from them.

    Jon Paul Nollmann ne' Darren Senn
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