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SubjectRe: kupdate & laptop's
> kupdated honours SIGSTOP/SIGCONT so you can control it on a mobile system
Thanks for your quick reply.

OK, I tried to stop it with 'kill -STOP', but it didn't. So I've added
some printk() to fs/buffer.c to verify this (see below). It never
goes in the 'else' block, and I don't get the 'kupdate() stopped'
message. To make sure I tried all signals (1..29) but no luck. So
something else must be wrong.

Cheers, Peter.

int kupdate(void * unused)
for (;;) {
interval = bdf_prm.b_un.interval;
if (interval)
printk("kupdate() interval %d\n", interval);
printk("kupdate() returned from schedule_timeout\n");
tsk->state = TASK_STOPPED;
printk("kupdate() stopped\n");
schedule(); /* wait for SIGCONT */
printk("kupdate() activated...\n");

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