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Subject2.2.12pre[13] network problem
On a dual-homed box with two 3Com 3c900 NICs and 2.2.11 working fine,
I've tried 2.2.12pre1 and 2.2.12pre3 today. Output from ifconfig looks
normal. Interface eth0 works fine. Interface eth1 doesn't: if pinged
from another box, it may or may not (mostly not) wake up and ping back,
and if it does, and I ping from the local host, that may work for a bit;
but very soon (under 20 seconds) the interface seems to revert to
inactivity. All this time eth0 is quite normal. Taking eth1 down and
bringing it back up manually with ifconfig doesn't help. Rebooting
2.2.11 causes the problem to go away.

Requests for configuration details and/or try-this-and-report-back
instructions will be welcome. The kernel is SMP (two P120s).

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