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SubjectRe: 2.2.11: Complicated memory leak...
In article <v04210100b3d81f801c25@[]> you wrote:
>>okiedokey, here goes..

> OK, thanks for that primer...

> Have got /proc/memleak up and running and am seeing something like
> 335000 calls to rtl8139.c:1229 (which is a call to dev_alloc_skb())
> on the way to filling up memory.

> I'll hazard a guess that Harri also is running an rtl8139 for his
> ethernet. True? (Something about SMP and the rtl8139 driver...)

Version 1.07 (included in 2.2.11) of the rtl8139 driver is _evil_.
Granted, older versions are far worse (if you generated > 95 Mbit of trafic,
your machine would lock up). I use version 1.08a, and it works reasonably;
this excludes the occusasional:

eth0: Oh Oh, simulatinous entry of interrupt handler


Could you try to upgrade to v1.08a and see if the memleaks go away?
(v1.08 is available from Donalds site)

Arjan van de Ven

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