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    SubjectRe: Digital Cameras...
    On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Oliver Xymoron wrote:
    > I believe the Nikon is one of the many cameras that work with the PhotoPC
    > package. At any rate, it's probably a user space issue, so not a topic for
    > this list. Try searching Deja or Google for "nikon linux".

    I realize that now but did not realize it then since amoung other things
    they had these nifty things that would attach to the parallel port, I thought
    it probably would require device drivers.

    I did not realize that all that device was was an ordinary card drive that
    connects to the parallel port (ick) and that it was just DOS format, the camera
    store idiots told me it was proprietary. A lot of people pointed me at gphoto

    Which does support downloading via serial, but it sounds like an even
    better solution would be to find a SCSI card drive and just mount the file
    system. I know I've seen them advertised before, I don't know if acquiring
    one involves becoming an amputee.

    At any rate, you're right it is definitely not a kernel issue, but I
    didn't know that when I posed the original question, and obviously there was
    a lot of interest judging from all of the e-mail I received.

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