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    SubjectXFS to be released as GPL

    I was checking, like I do everyday, and I
    found a nice little message saying they are releasing the source code under
    GPL license.

    There is some partial code up now and a notice about them having to clean out
    the rest of the source code before they can GPL it.

    If you don't feel like reading the PDF file (which can be painful under X),
    here are some highlights:

    *) 9 exabytes file size limitation (64 bit filesystem)

    *) Near-raw I/O performance. An SGI Origin 2000 was able to reach 4 GB/s (rw)
    on 704 disks to one multithreaded process.

    *) Quick Recovery, less than a second after an unexpected interruption
    regardless of the number of files it is managing.

    *) File system size limitation of 18 exabytes

    *) Hierarchial storage (HSMs, DMF)

    *) Table structures implemented in b-trees for fast searches and space

    *) Block sizes are 512 bytes to 64 KB for normal data, up to 1 MB for
    real-time data.


    Jordan Mendelson :
    Web Services, Inc. :

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