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SubjectRe: info format (was Re: Linux 2.2.11pre4)
Mike A. Harris writes the following:
>[root@asdf /etc]# man -S perl chop
>No manual entry for chop
>So, I have yet to see what you're describing. And I'm NOT
>playing dumb this time either.

He was not telling you that a chop(3perl) man page already exists, merely
that it would only be a few minutes work for someone to convert the
perlfunc(1) man page into a set of pages and stick them in section (3perl).

>[root@asdf /etc]# cd /usr/man/manperl
>bash: /usr/man/manperl: No such file or directory

The point was that it is within your power to _create_ /usr/man/manfoo, and
put whatever pages you want in it, and then "man foo bar" will work. If the
perl man page authors, or any other man page authors, intended them to be
read that way, all they have to do is package them that way. No changes
needed to the tools. And I think they might even be doing that with an
upcoming perl release, since perlfunc(1) has got too big to be read

And to the people who think man isn't searchable enough... it just occurred
to me that maybe the reason you think that is that you haven't got a decent
$PAGER. Give this a chance:

export PAGER=less;export LESS='-s -M -c';man less

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