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    SubjectRe: Your backup is unsafe!

    On Sun, 1 Aug 1999, Robert de Bath wrote:

    > Apperently the VFAT needs some more cleaning, I imagine when perfect the
    > short names will have no effect what so ever if the filesystem is mounted
    > as a VFAT partiton, the only way you'll be able to do anything with them
    > is with the SAMBA ioctls.

    Some @#$^ing programs apparently want to be able to access the files via
    short names.

    > The problem with linuxlfnbk (or rather I imagine it'd be a shortname backup)
    > is how do you restore the data ? There's no way to control the short name
    > VFAT uses is there ?

    As much as I hate such 'solutions' - add an ioctl() for munge-changing.
    Yes, adding ioctls stinks. But it's less PITA then playing games with
    dcache and screwing VFS for the sake of braindead monstrosity.

    > Possibility (3)
    > Ignore it, it's a windows problem :-) :-)
    > (Scheesh! All these hoops just for gui-dos! :-) )

    Sounds fine with me.

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