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SubjectRe: nfs compatibility bug between linux and other os'es
Andreas Brodmann <> writes:

> We encountered the following bug when nfs mounting directories
> from Solaris Servers, AIX Servers and Network Appliance Filers:
> the mkfifo command (and the C statement itself as well) fail to
> create real fifos. Instead they create "normal" files. If we create
> a fifo on a NetApp Filer coming from a Solaris machine the linux
> box will show it as a character device mith major/minor 255/255.
> We've tested it thorough all kernels from 2.0.18 to 2.2.10. We're
> using i386 architecture for our linux servers. Can anyone help us
> here (bugfixes?).
> Our goal is to create Linux servers rootmounted on the
> NetApp filer.
> P.S.: Using a linux box instead of a NetApp filer as nfs server
> is no solution for us.
> Thanks for your help in advance and please excuse me if i'm
> off topic here. I just didn't know where else to place this
> report.

Alan Cox's 'ac' patches contain Ion Badulescu's fix for this problem.

The problem essentially boils down to the NFSv2 protocol not really
supporting a 'mkfifo' command (it only appears in NFSv3). One then has
a choice between two common hacks for supporting mkfifo on UNIX
systems. Unfortunately, most servers only support the 'other' hack...


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