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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH] [SECURITY] tightening ioctl()'s
>>> No, the SETVERSION is designed for use by NFS servers, and they should
>>> be able to make the call with the fsuid of the requesting user.
>> The above doesn't change the behavior you like AFAIK.
>> You will generally need EUID to be root, but fsuid can be anything.
>> This is good behavior.
> Huh? You don't want to restrict it to euid or ruid root: all that the
> nfs server should need is fsuid capability. Root shouldn't be an
> issue at all.

Well, root gets all the capabilities. You should need a capability to be
able to play with file generation numbers, and another to play with fsuid.
Being non-root is fine if you can get the capabilities some other way.

I don't see why the NFS server would need to _set_ the file generation
numbers. I'd guess it is broken. File generation numbers are used by
the NFS server and set by the filesystem code.

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