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    SubjectRe: The stability crisis

    Keith Owens writes:
    > Dan Hollis <> wrote:
    >> On Sun, 4 Jul 1999, Keith Owens wrote:

    >>> When the kernel is hung, almost all I/O hangs with it.
    >> So figure out a way to keep PC BIOS from mangling ram on hard reset.
    >> Then dump to swap from lilo or something.
    > You have code to do this? The BIOS bit that is, if you know a method
    > for stopping a BIOS clearing memory that works on a reasonable set of
    > motherboards then please tell us.

    What about the 286-era return to real-mode feature? Since the 286
    could not go back to real-mode without a reset, IBM added a way to
    let software in RAM regain control after a processor reset. You need
    to write the address of your code into the "CMOS RAM" chip.

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