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SubjectRe: script for compiling the kernel

On 04-Jul-99 Steffen Evers wrote:
> Marc Mutz wrote:
>> [...]
>> - make bzImage the default for 2.2.x and later, since it does run most
>> of the time and zImage shuold be considered the unusual case.
> As discussed there are arguments for zImage and bzImage as default. I
> tend to leave zImage the default because:
> - You can see something is wrong at compiling time not at boot time.
> - It is very easy to determine what is wrong.
> - You are told what is wrong.
> So I consider this as the safe choice.

on most of my machines it is NOT safe, since the kernel simply
gets too large using zImage. there is no special hardware,
just lot's of useful network options and scsi ...

other experiences?

cookie of the day:
"Heisenberg may have slept here"

Frank Butter <>
sent on 05-Jul-99, at 09:06:13
OTTO-Chailease Mailorder Co., Ltd., Taipei

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