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    SubjectRe: porting linux to DSP
    Dan Hollis wrote:
    > I owned an Atari Falcon. The DSP as implemented in the system was a joke.
    > IMHO they would have gained more from putting a 68040 in the system than a
    > 68030 with 56001. Or even a 68030 at 33mhz rather than 16.
    You cannot do 8-way HD recording w/ realtime effect processing on a
    68040. You can do on the smallest 56K. That said, I'll second that the
    68K was too slow.

    My posting was meant to show that if you give the people DSP's then it
    will find uses for it...


    Marc Mutz <>
    University of Bielefeld, Dep. of Mathematics / Dep. of Physics

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